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There is no road too long to the man who advances deliberately and without undue haste there are no honors too distant to the man who prepares himself for them with patience.

If you see an animal and you can't tell if it's a skunk or a cat, here's a good saying to help 'Black-and-white, stinks all right. Tabby-colored, likes a fella.'

A nation that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on the installment plan.

There is no doubt that the first requirement for a composer is to be dead.

Those who set out nobly to be their brother's keeper sometimes end up by becoming his jailer. Every emancipation has in it the seeds of a new slavery, and every truth easily becomes a lie.

There is more to life than increasing its speed.

When the opponent expand, I contract, When he contracts, I expand, And when there is an opportunity, I do not hit--it hits all by itself.

If a man die, shall he live again All the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come.

It does not matter how many books you have, but how good the books are which you have.

Generally the theories we believe we call facts, and the facts we disbelieve we call theories.

His life was gentle and the elements So mixed in him, that Nature might stand up, And say to all the world, THIS WAS A MAN

Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his inner vision and its ultimate expression.

Do I contradict myself Very well then I contradict myself,

The unnatural, that too is natural.

The miracle is this--the more we share, the more we have.

Hear the other side.

All human beings have an innate need to hear and tell stories and to have a story to live by...religion, whatever else it has done, has provided one of the main ways of meeting this abiding need.

Samir No, not again. I... why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam I swear to God, one of these days, I just kick this piece of shit out the window.

I do not believe in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.

Reality is but a poor excuse for not having an imagination.