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Confucius Say ... Police will arrest a transvestite, and charge him with male fraud.

Confucius Say ... Do not argue with spouse who is packing your parachute.

Confucius Say ... Man who snatches kisses when young, kisses snatches when old.

Confucius Say ... Never marry a woman with big hands. It will make your dick look smaller

Confucius Say ... “Show off always shown up in showdown.

Confucius Say ... Man who pamper his cow, will get spoiled milk

Confucius Say ... Knowledge was never known to enter the head via an open mouth.

Confucius Say ... woman is like jazz music---3/4 jazz time and 1/4 rag time.

Confucius Say ... Forgetful cow gives Milk of Amnesia!

Confucius Say ... Never tell a secret to a pig, it may squeal.

Confucius Say ... Those who say they sleep like a baby haven`t got one.

Confucius Say ... Sex is the only activity where you start at the top and work your way to the bottom, while getting a rise.

Confucius Say ... Always yield to temptation, it may not pass your way again.

Confucius Say ... Just because men have one, doesn`t mean they have to be one.

Confucius Say ... When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of hacking at the leaves.

Confucius Say ... Man who look to stale cookie for advice probably make good busboy.Ask waitress for application.

Confucius Say ... Don`t confuse an open mind with one that`s vacant.

Confucius Say ... The very first doctor of dermatology, had to start from scratch.

Confucius Say ... A butler with no teeth is called an in-dentured servant.

Confucius Say ... Man with tight trousers is pressing his luck.