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Confucius Say ... A clean tie will attract the soup of the day.

Confucius Say ... A relationship is the opportunity to do something you hate with someone you love.

Confucius Say ... Women are like convertables. They`re both more fun with their top down.

Confucius Say ... Constipated People Don`t Give A Crap.

Confucius Say ... An `Areoplane Blonde` is one who has bleached her hair but still has a `black box`.

Confucius Say ... Man who gets kicked in testicles, left holding the bag.

Confucius Say ... Marriage is like taking a bath... after you`ve been in it for a while, it isn`t so hot.

Confucius Say ... Viagra is like Disneyland... a one hour wait for a 2-minute ride.

Confucius Say ... Never take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

Confucius Say ... Man who shoot off mouth, must expect to lose face

Confucius Say ... .... woman who is in love with priest will chase him through church and grab him by the organ

Confucius Say ... A practical nurse is one who marries a wealthy, terminally ill patient.

Confucius Say ... Some Sex Is Good...More Is Better...Too Much Is Just About Right

Confucius Say ... Tears are the hydraulic force by which masculine will power is defeated by feminine water power.

Confucius Say ... Man who want to catch a bra, should set a boobie trap.

Confucius Say ... Man who has money to burn, makes an ash of himself.

Confucius Say ... Prostitute with her hand in her panties is self employed.

Confucius Say ... He who crosses the ocean twice without bathing is a dirty double crosser.

Confucius Say ... At the feast of ego, everyone leaves hungry.

Confucius Say ... It is impossible to sling mud with clean hands.