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Poles Went out for lunch yesterday and was walking with a group of people. I was so involved in my conversation that I ran into a street sign head first full speed.. Life Expereinces Category Food and Drinks

Dollar bills I had the runs and went to use the public washroom.
I just finished when I realized there was no Toilet paper.
The only paper around was the 10 dollar bill I had on me.
It was an expensive crap. Life Expereinces Category S**T Happens

Cut out I was looking at my girlfriends profile pictures. Found one were I was photoshoped out!. Life Expereinces Category It Hurts when

Wanna drink I was in line at a coffee shop. There was a hot girl infront of me. I decided to make a move and tell the cashier I would cover her bill. The girl went on to order 2 coffees and 2 sandwiches. She took the order and thanked me as I watched her walk out to a car with a guy waiting in there. . Life Expereinces Category It Hurts when

DUMPed My girlfriend dumped me after a year and a half.
I didn't know why until one of her friends told me she had filled out an online survey and found we were incompatible
. Life Expereinces Category Love

Boyfriend My boyfriend called and said he doesn't know if he should break up with me. I asked why and he said he just doesn't know.. Life Expereinces Category Love

Car following me I was driving along an unlit road last week, when a car pulled up really close behind me. I gave him the finger and then went from side to side in the lane so he could get the hint. It turned out to be a cop car and he pulled me over for reckless driving.. Life Expereinces Category S**T Happens

Smoking Wife My wife quit smoking recently. When I asked her what the main motivation was she replied second hand smoke is really bad, I didn't want the pet dog to get sick.
We also have 2 kids.... Life Expereinces Category Random Thoughts

IQ me I took an IQ test on the internet. I had a friend of mine there to help. We searched in another browser for answers and felt really good about it until we saw the final score. Our score was 73. Life Expereinces Category Random Rants

Female coworker I was out with a female coworker on a business trip. We got lunch and I offer to pay. I pulled out my wallet opened it and a condom fell out. She then said its okay I can pay for myself.. Life Expereinces Category Random Thoughts