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Sticky Ninja Missions Action

Sticky Ninja Missions Action Sticky Ninja has completed his training and must now pay off his student debts as a Bunty hunter cleaning up the sticky city streets.

Cave Copter Action

Cave Copter Action Attempt to fly your helicopter out of a never ending cave, the longer you survive the more points you will score. Upload your best distance to the global high scores table to see how you compare to the rest of the world!

Wigman Big Run Action

Wigman Big Run Action Run, jump, fly, eat food, gain weight and crush everything on your path. Travel through the world to find a biggest fridge. Here you can find many upgrades , bonuses and FUN!

Rocketcat Action

Rocketcat Action Meow. Rocketcat cat has rocket-powered boots. What a unique idea for a game :3

The Pinball Adventure Action

The Pinball Adventure Action Four tables of ball bouncing violence, adventure, and red pixel art.

Zombies Ate My Motherland Action

Zombies Ate My Motherland Action Legions of brain-seeking zombies invaded Mother Russia. Help Ivan survive hordes of undead in the awesome game Zombies Ate My Motherland. Open new weapons, upgrade Ivan's abilities, collect all parts of the tractor and drive away. Defend your Motherland!

Dragon Fist 3D Action

Dragon Fist 3D Action 1v1 fighting game based on chinese kung fu cinema. fight your way through several opponents to eventually fight the mighty Dragon Master

I Am An Insane Rogue AI Action

I Am An Insane Rogue AI Action Play as an evil, insane Rogue Artificial Intelligence! Infiltrate facilities and hack Mainframes to take over the entire world. Choose between violent and pacifist approaches, and pick any combination of 25 powerful upgrades! = update = By popular demand: the first update has been rolled out. - Losing all Cycles will give you 10 extra seconds before you lose the level - Electric locks and Sniper mode can now be toggled. - Added new skill: PA Announcement. - Unused cycles at the end of each level will be automatically converted into cash - Zombies are now free, but have a lower chance of respawning

草船借箭 Action

草船借箭 Action 根据三国经典故事“草船借箭”改编的小游戏,看曹操会用什么方法来对付你呢?每一关不一样的新武器你还能hold住吗?每一关保持诸葛亮不被箭射到后还可以得到军令哦,军令有什么作用呢,等你去发现!

Pumpy Aliens Splasher Action

Pumpy Aliens Splasher Action Pumpy aliens are annoying you. Splash them. Click on the aliens when they appear to splash them.